Business Management

FS Group offer the following business management services: management, consulting and assistance

Strategic Management:

  • Business strategy definition: drawing the vision for the development of the company, definition of particular steps in the strategy, tools for measuring and monitoring of the company performance, planning of investments and their financial cover.
  • Marketing strategy definition: clear conception of the company brand and its content; marketing policy consistent with the long-term company goals; preparation of marketing plan and budget with the relevant marketing activities; company image enhancement; increase of market share and attraction of new clients.
  • Business performance systems definition: provision of business model for the execution of the business strategy, employees engagement for the accomplishment of the strategic goals

Operational Efficiency

  • Business diagnostics: identification of weak links in the company that lead to low efficiency and low profitability; increase of the financial and operational results.
  • Organization structure optimization: increase of the operational efficiency; definition of particular rights and responsibilities for each job position; improvement of the internal communication; higher motivation of the employees; preparation of career development plans.
  • Business process optimization: effective business processes in view of costs, time and internal relations; lower operational costs through elimination of double activities; consistent business processes with the business strategy and organizational structure of the company.

Financial Management

  • Capital management: good practices in capital management; improvement in debt collection; possibilities for lower asset maintenance costs; improved company liquidity; increased efficiency and return of assets.
  • Business planning and budgeting: introduction of long term financial planning and budgeting process; identification of revenue and cost drivers and improvement in financial reporting; effective cost management.
  • Recommendations for financial results increase: clear areas with financial loss; improvement in decision making process.

Corporate Finances

  • Financial restructuring: restructuring supported by the company vision (business plan and model) and a clear company recovery plan.
  • Project financing: tailor-made approach for each project; preparation of a complete package for the successful financial structuring; preparation of documentation; confidentiality; assistance in negotiations with experts.
  • Market evaluation of the company – independent estimation of the current state of the company by an expert in efficiency and potential business risks.

Human Capital Management

  • HR process efficiency analysis;
  • HR management restructuring;
  • HR policy and procedure development;
  • Employee performance management system;
  • Remuneration system;
  • Preparation of competency profiles and models;
  • Career development plans and talent management;
  • Employee satisfaction and motivation survey;
  • Company trainings.
Business Management – FS Group