Subscription / periodical accounting services

Preparation of financial statements in Bulgarian and English language

National and International Accounting Standards

Preparation of specific accounting policy, estimation methods, individual chart of accounts

Monthly keeping of accounting ledger

Control of company’s sales and purchases

Control of cash flow

Preparation and submission of accounting and financial statements, statistical statements

Preparation of payment orders


VAT registration

Preparation and submission of VAT declarations to the National Revenue Agency

Tax audits

Preparation and submission of annual tax declarations

Declarations for local and foreign companies and physical persons

Preparation and submission of tax declaration for paid dividends

Preparation and submission of documents and declaration for avoidance of double taxation as per the Agreement for avoidance of double taxation

Preparation and submission of INTRASTAT declarations

Preparation and submission of declarations as per Local Taxes and Fees Act

Preparation and submission of forms to the Bulgarian National Bank as per the Foreign Exchange Act and its application;

* Courier services to client’s office.


One-time accounting services: * Annual financial and accounting statements  *Accounting, classification and preparation of annual financial statements and trial balance as per Accountancy Act; *Preparation and submission of annual tax declarations by accredited accountant as per Corporate Income Tax Act and Physical Persons Income Tax Act; * Preparation and submission of annual statistical forms for the National Statistical Institute and for the Bulgarian National Bank; *Representation before the state authorities:  National Revenue Agency, National Social Security Institute, National Statistical Institute, Bulgarian National Bank, etc. * Preparation of consolidated financial statements ; * Preparation of contracts and agreements and PoAs; * Tax optimization and protection



Preparation and keeping of employees’ files

Preparation of labour and civil contracts

Preparation of orders for appointment and discharge

Calculation of leaves and medical certificates

Submission of documents before the National Revenue Agency

Information about changes in the legal acts

Representation by e-signature


Monthly keeping of accounting ledgers related to salaries and payments as per civil contracts

Calculation of social securities and taxes

Preparation of payment orders in paper or online

Preparation of payroll ledgers, pay slips, recapitulations

Preparation and submission of statements before the National Revenue Agency and other state authorities

Tax audits and inspections

Preparation of documents for self-employment insurance

Keeping of social security books and employment record books

Assistance with occupational medicine

Representation and protection during audits and inspections



Registration, submission of changes and de-registration of companies

Sale and transfer of company shares

Registration of company changes

Preparation of Articles of Association, protocols, invitations, decisions and other internal company acts

Tax and legal protection before the state authorities

Tax audit acts appeal

Penal acts appeal

Preparation of administrative documents – requests, applications, appeals, invitations and notifications

Preparation and conclusion of any contracts and agreements as per Commercial Act – sale and purchase contracts, distribution and commission agreements, lease agreements, loan agreements, logistics agreements, leasing and legal consultancy for commercial deals.

Legal consultancy



Tax consultancy:

Tax-effective solutions to business cases in finances, accounting and tax legislations, labour, social and social security legislation

Consultation related to VAT effects, corporate and physical income taxation, one-time taxes and all other direct and indirect taxes, deals between associated parties, specific tax procedures

Consultation related to local taxes and fees, taxes on immovable property

Consultation related to application of Agreement for avoidance of double taxation and preparation of requests for application

Consultation related to tax effects from different business management decisions: merging, acquisitions, etc.

Representations before tax authorities, including during tax audits, cross-inspections, assistance in preparation and submission

Tax and Legal Consultancy; Accounting – FS Group