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Assessment Center

One of the factors for success of an organization is its management’s real and the organization itself. By using the services of our Assessment Center, you will get:

  • Objective, valid and prognostic information;
  • Assessment of the competencies valid for the situation;
  • An idea how the assessed may act in a future situation.

The Assessment Center of Decision uses a wide variety of instruments such as questionnaires andardized for Bulgaria, such as BIP, MBTI, NEO-PI-R, PASSAT 2000.

Our professional consultants use different role plays, situational cases and questionnaires in order to make an objective assessment of the potential in the particular case.

Organizational Consultancy

  • Personnel selection

One of the key factors for success of a company is its personnel. We offer: position analysis, suitable methodology, selection of relevant sources for cand follow up interviews.

  • Preparation of introductory program for the employees

In order to have a fast and its goals.

  • Testing of employees and preparation of psychological profiles.

If you want to get the best out of your employees we can offer you systemized information in the form of psychological profiles prepared in accordance with the relevant methodology, containing the strengths and weaknesses of the employees, their social engagement, their reactions in conflict situations, their self-esteem, etc.

  • Preparation of assessment system

The assessment system that our professional consultants will have tailor-made for you will help you get objective information for the level of professional development of your employees. The system will include the following stages:

Preparation of assessment scale; preparation of all necessary documents; preparation of assessment process project, including time scale and execution of the assessment project.

  • Preparation of a motivation system

One of the main challenges facing the employers is how to motivate their employees so that they work more efficiently. In order to provide you with accurate information about your employees’ needs we will carry out interviews and will apply a suitable methodology. Based on the results from the interviews our consultants will prepare a list of recommendations that will help you choose the right direction for more successful organizational activities.


  • Preparation of a small company project

The dynamics of the present business environment implies the necessity of continuous training and development of company employees regardless of the size of the organization.

One of the forms for team training and development is through preparation of a small company project. It is a form of flexible training, a kind of accompanying a project team. It is based on the “learning by doing” principle through development of a real project proposed by the company.

The training may upgrade and skills, but it may be also applicable to the preparation of a future project team, in case of necessity of mobilizing key employees, upon implementation of a new company policy, etc.

The results from such training may be: generation of creative stress, development of working style based on goals and results, flexible adaptation in situations of fast restructuring of the company resources, etc.

  • Presentation skills

In a business, not only the ideas and products are of importance but also the ability to inspire people to follow you. That’s why the presentational skills are of such importance for any business!

The presentation skills training is based on exercises for development of skills for influential presentation of information before any audience. Different techniques and many other.

  • Conflict management

Conflict situations in a dynamic environment are not rare. The conflict management training is focused on the conflict analysis, the individual behavioral styles in a conflict situation, development of skills for management of intra-team and intra-personal conflicts, etc.

  • Customer relationship management

Customer relations are of crucial importance for having a successful and all of these results in winning the customer loyalty!

  • Development of sales skills

For the sales professionals it is extremely important to have excellent communication skills. But in sales there is another very important thing – the ability to be a good listener, and in many situations the success if a deal depends namely on the ability of the sales person to be a good listener.

The training, prepared and ways to deal with difficult customers.

  • The 5S Method
  • Organization and planning


Coaching is a form of development in which a person called a coach supports the client in achieving a specific personal or professional goal by providing training, advice

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